March 2024

Social Prescribing Day - March 2024

Community events
Thursday 14th March, 2024 - 8:00 to 23:45

About this event

Social Prescribing Day is an annual celebration of social prescribing, recognising link workers, local community groups and regional and national organisations which support people’s health and wellbeing. Taking place this year on Thursday 14 March.

To mark the occasion, Social Prescribers in Haringey have gathered information to raise awareness about their Team and the impact they have had in 2023/24. They will be showcasing their work and impact at various GP surgeries in Haringey.

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The National Academy for Social Prescribing raises awareness of what social prescribing is, how it works, and how it changes lives.

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For more information contact hello@reachandconnect.net