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October 2024

World Mental Health Day - October 2024

Community events
Various Locations
Thursday 10th October, 2024 - 0:00

About this event

One-in-four adults and one-in-ten children experience mental illness during their lifetime, and many more of us know and care for people who do.

Improved mental health and wellbeing is associated with a range of better outcomes for people of all ages and backgrounds. For example, improved physical health and life expectancy.

World mental health day aims to raise awareness of the issues around the world, whilst also helping more people get the support they need.

Contact details

Join in the conversation online using #WorldMentalHealthDay

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Other support and resources

The 'Better Health - Every Mind Matters' campaign is focusing on “What works for me”.

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MIND are calling on all of us to start a conversation about mental health inequality.

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MIND in Haringey have a range of free services and activity groups. 

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Tips to look after your mental health during scary world events.

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