Haringey 'Artful Codgers' art group host FREE exhibition

Haringey Reach and Connect are showcasing works from the 'Artful Codgers' art group at an exhibition on Saturday 23rd March
Art Class

'Artful Codgers' is a weekly, in-person, art-based group focusing on creativity and well-being for over 50s.

This is a space to recharge and relax, whilst enjoying the company of others, in a clean, warm, local space. We will experiment with mark making, papercraft, sketching and collage. 

On Saturday 23rd March, Haringey Reach and Connect will be participating in the Age Without Limits Action Day by showcasing works from the 'Artful Codgers' group at an exhibition:

Shaftesbury Hall,
21 Herbert Road
Bounds Green,
N11 2QN

How we are represented as we grow older can have a profound impact on other people’s beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours towards us – particularly if negative or stereotypical. 

We aim to challenge this by showing how much fun and enjoyment in life we can still have as we age, and how our beliefs, personal values and views are as relevant today as ever. 


Artfull Codgers Exhibition Info