What we do

We provide independent information, guidance and support to enable local people over 50 to improve their wellbeing in six different areas:

  • Connect
  • Be Active
  • Take Notice
  • Keep Learning
  • Give to Others
  • Stay Independent

Our service is 'light touch' and non-specialist, with a focus on signposting, short term support and workshops to help over 50s in Haringey to build confidence and to achieve their goals.

People who are in need or support or friendship can refer themselves directly to us. Our offer won't be right for everyone, but if it's not, we'll ensure that the right kind of support is found. We also accept referrals from local organisations, groups, family and friends. 

Reach and Connect is delivered by eight 'Community Connectors' from a range of community settings in Haringey. Our six Community Connectors work across the north, south, east and west of Haringey and cover all the wards.

Telephone friendship and support

We offer free calls to people over 50 in Haringey who would like to receive a weekly call from a friendly and supportive volunteer or would like to join a 'telephone circle' group. The calls last approximately 30 minutes, and take place on the same day, at the same time, each week. One to one calls are offered for a period of six months and telephone circles for 10 weeks.

We match older people and volunteers carefully, to ensure they have some common interests and friendships are reviewed regularly, to ensure that both parties find them enjoyable.   

Our telephone friendship service is not a counselling service, and no specialist advice or support is provided.

Recipients and Volunteers never meet. This helps to ensure the safety of recipients and volunteers.

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Workshops, training and groups

  • Topic Talk – Telephone friendship circle for people with mild aphasia, mild cognitive problems and mild depression.
  • Shared Reading Groups.
  • Coping with significant change and loss.
  • Stroke Awareness training to professionals.
  • Letter writing project.

Our team our out and about across Haringey running pop-up stalls and attending local events. Look out for the Reach and Connect logo and say hi to one of our friendly team members.

Who we are

Community Connectors

Our Community Connectors work across the borough from a range of settings, like community organisations, libraries, GP surgeries and community buildings. They support older people by helping them to remain confident and independent in their everyday lives. They are 'local experts', who gather and share information about local opportunities, activities and services for over 50s in Haringey.

Our Community Connectors provide the Reach and Connect service to all older people who are at risk of social isolation, and in particular LGBTQI+, disabled, Black and Minority Ethnic groups and those who are disadvantaged.


The service brings together Public Voice (external link), Mind in Haringey (external link), HAIL (external link), LGBTQI+ organisation Wise Thoughts (external link) and the Haringey Over 50s Forum (external link) to support Haringey residents who are 50+, at risk of social isolation or who have suffered a recent life event that threatens their wellbeing.

Information and Advice

We know it's not always easy to find the information and advice you need, and that growing older doesn't come with a manual. We provide information and advice that we think you need.

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