NHS urges flu vaccinations for those at risk

Flu is a serious condition that kills thousands and hospitalises thousands more in England each year. Getting coronavirus at the same time means you're more likely to be seriously ill, so vaccination against flu is vital this autumn.
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The flu vaccination is the best protection for you and those around you which is why it is offered for free for those most at risk.

Adults at high risk from flu are also most at risk from COVID-19 and the free vaccine is more important than ever, to help protect the nation from a double threat this winter.

That’s why this year, the free flu vaccine is being offered to a record number of 30 million people to help protect as many as possible from flu and ease pressure on the NHS and urgent care services. Due to demand some pharmacies may prioritise those over 65 first until more vaccines become available.

Ask your pharmacist or GP if you’re eligible for a free flu vaccine. You can also visit www.nhs.uk/fluvaccine for more information.

It's not "just" the Flu!

North Central London Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) answers your questions on how to protect yourself against flu this winter. To find out more and to see translations of advice on flu vaccination please use the button below.

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Flu vaccination – Just the Flu!


Download the NHS booklet Flu Vaccination - who should have it and why.

NHS booklet Flu Vaccination - who should have it and why.