Stories of connection from The Antwerp Arms, N17

We recently spoke with members of our community about how Reach and Connect supports over 50s to make new social connections through food.
Photos of Patricia, Kuldip and Richard from the video.

Last month we visited N17 community pub, The Antwerp Arms, to hear how Ashley, one of our Community Connectors has helped local over 50s to make new connections through the pub’s Community Lunch. 

Every Tuesday the pub team host the lunch, where locals can eat a free, homemade meal and socialise with other members of the community. 

The lunch is a great place for those who may feel isolated and want to form connections with others in a safe and welcoming space. 

In this video (also found below), we hear how Patricia, Kuldip and Richard – all regulars at the community lunch – feel about our service and their introduction to The Antwerp Arms. 

Ashley, the Community Connector who introduced the residents to the Antwerp Arms, said: “Connecting older residents with social events in their area is an important part of our work as it can lead to other opportunities, such as volunteering, supporting others, finding out what else is going on in their neighbourhood.   

“Projects like The Antwerp Arms enable us to reduce the risk of social isolation while at the same time offering older people the chance ‘to give back’ and feel valued and have purposeful lives.” 

Hear some of the stories of those who attend The Antwerp Arms Community Lunch.