Haringey Advice Partnership to run session on Smart Meters

Smart Meters can help you to see what you’re spending on gas and electricity. Join Haringey Advice Partnership to find out more.
Smart Meter Image

The workshop will be part of the Go Green Eco-drop in hosted by 4U2:

  • Help you to take control of your energy bills by using a Smart Meter to see what you’re spending on gas and electricity and to make any necessary changes in your home to reduce bills.
  • Provide support, guidance and signposting delivered by specialist energy advisors and local community organisations.
  • Look at the benefits of installing a Smart Meter to measure your gas and electricity usage in real time.
  • Provide a live Smart Meter demonstration.
  • Provide you with the tools to track your energy use over time and see how your habits may impact the cost of your bills.

Over the coming years, it is likely that all energy providers will replace traditional gas and electricity meters with Smart Meters. This session will help you understand how Smart Meters work before they change your meter.

Find out more

Take control of your energy bills - Go Green information session

Monday 2 October, 12.30pm to 2.30pm

Chestnuts Community Centre, 280 St Ann's Rd, London N15 5BN 

To attend the session or for more energy advice and information contact HAP.

020 4537 4084


Smart Meter information session leaflet

Go Green eco drop in leaflet - 2 October